Than van Nispen tot Pannerden

Than van Nispen tot Pannerden is a composer for media and interaction and calls himself interactive music strategist due to his roles in composition for interactive media, such as installations and games. Besides his Master of Arts, Than has also obtained a Master of Science degree in Biology at the University of Utrecht.
Currently Than is active as a composer and works as researcher and lecturer at the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU) and has given several workshops and lectures to ESART, in Castelo Branco, SoundEducation, Pakhuis de Zwijger e.a. He is also member of the board at the Muziekinstituut MultiMedia and DutchGameMusic.

Some of Than's recent productions, compositions and activities are:

• Compositions, concert and lectures at MediaSoundHamburg on live interactive instrumental music (2015)
• Indie Games Concert with live interactive music performances with the Residentie Orkest (2015)
• Interactive Karmaflow Rock Opera with Metropole Orkest and Karmaflow Rock Opera videogame (2015)
King of Games - Concert with the Rotterdam and the Hague Philharmonic Orchestras (2014)
• Interactive music composition with Gelders Orkest at the Museumnacht Amsterdam (2 November 2013)
De Orkest Ontdekker 2013 - interactive music installation for kids
Film concert "L'Inhumaine", a collaborative composition performed by the Metropole Orchestra 2013
Indie Games Concert 2013 - compositions and arrangements
• Netherlands Broadcasting Music Centre Composition Assignment for the NTR and Metropole Orchestra
• Collaborative composition with 17 composers for an historic movie, performed by the Metropole Orchestra at the IFFR 2011 & 2012 (announcement)
• Compositions and consultancy for MCO & AVRO's online composition tool
• Music for several (short) film-projects amongst which Villa Josephine (2010), Projektor (2009), Kortmans-report (2007), Treehuggers (2007), 5th-of-May-Liberation-festival shorts (2006, 2007, 2008), and venture-films.
2009 Octaphonic composition “Blue Oysters, Pearls of Love” dedicated to music for Female Voice and Electronics with Karindra Perrier and Stephan Breuer.
2008 / 2009 - Performance of “Tao of Physics”, a composition for 8 to 12 speakers as part of a concert series, “Regelmeesters” organised by the Utrecht Composers Collective.
2007 Art-project in collaboration with Maarten Daudeij in WEI
2006 Stichting Stef’s Halloween Sneaknacht production: octafonic ‘ghost-piece’ in a long corridor in cooperation with Iwan van Wijk.
• Game Music for Art Game Leaving (2013),  “Dinner Date” (2010), XboX live arcade “ShortBurst” (releases 2011), Unreal Tournament 3 Mod “Wonderful Life” (2009), Enhanced reality Audio Game Adapt-IT e.a.
• Publication of several music- and sound-samples on, amongst which credited usage in the Universal Studio’s movie, ‘Children of Men’ (2006) and (2007) cd-production of the Eagles (additional engineering). Game Sound for games Teeworlds, Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder.

Game Developers Conference Nuovo Award nomination for Stout Games' Dinner Date with Jeroen Stout (2011), 1st Price at the Max/MSP Livecoding Competition “Proeflokaal” in Theater Kikker (2008), 2nd price for music for short film, ‘Crush’ with Stan Koch and Michael de Jong at the Unheard film ‘The Battle’ 2007, 1st Price ‘van Os’ (2001) for acquired internship-results.

• 2014 Presentation of piece and paper on nln-live, an application for live nonlinear and interactive instrumental music, at the International Computer Music Conference 2014
• 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 Guest Lecture "Game Music" at FilmSoundHamburg
• 2011 Presentation of the nln-player, a non-linear music player for web browsers, at the International Computer Music Conference 
• 2011 Lecture on the history of Game Music at the Music @ Games event at Pakhuis de Zwijger
• 2010 Organisation of the Linux Audio Conference 2010 at the Utrecht School of the Arts.
• 2009 Organisation of the Symposium Music@Games at the Utrecht Festival of Games. A collaboration between the Institute for MultiMedial Music (MiMM), festival of games (FOG) and BUMA Culture.
• 2007 Publication: ‘Two Network Installations, 1133 and COMPUTER_VOICES’ at the International Computer Music Conference 2007, Belfast. Interactive art installation, formed by an ensemble of 15 computers that generate music.
• 2007 Interactive SoundDesign implementation in Max/MSP for Joyce Meulepas’ “Interactive Table” (graduation-project at the Eindhoven, Design Academy) in collaboration with Lars Brouwer.