Game Music


The GreenCouch collective has had many experiences with so-called 'non-linear music', also known as 'dynamic music' or 'adaptive music'. Especially in the case of music for games, this has some very valuable uses.

In many games the storyline, or it's timing is not fixed. It depends on how the user moves through the game-world  and/or how fast he progresses through the game-level. This flexible narrative, could be seen as the 'game-play variable'.

The intensity of the music, or whatever the music should depict with a certain variable, should ideally be flexible as well as the story and gameplay itself. That way the game-experience can be augmented and the game can invoke a higher level of immersion.

The composers associated with GreenCouch have had many positive experiences with several systems, that enable responsive music. The music can, in those cases, adapt to the game-variables.

Because of this expertise, GreenCouch is often approached for advise, music design and compositions, when projects benefit from adaptive music. These consist of games, art-installations, web-projects and other interactive media.

Some of the non-linear music strategies that GreenCouch is familiar with, are being explained in this section.