About us

GreenCouch is a music-composition and -production collective based in the Netherlands and Germany. The collective consists of four music composers and sound designers, with individual specialities.

Music & Sound play a major role in the success of a movie, game, commercial or any other media production. Think of all the films you love, you most likely remember the sensation the music brought you. Moreover, sound design has a very important role of getting the message of the production across and delivering it with impact.

GreenCouch specializes in doing just that, we provide the music and sound that your media production craves. Whether it's an orchestra, a popband, a soundscape or the sounds of heavy artillery for the next first-person shooter, GreenCouch delivers exactly what your production needs.

Thinking ahead
We at GreenCouch are passionate about sound, and we very much appreciate to be involved in a project from an early stage on. To ensure the best end result, we believe it can often help to compose the music prior to the actual shooting of a production. Some award winning movies, like 'Corps Accords' and 'Papier Hier' were developed in a synergic way, with the design of the music in an earlier stage than the traditional 'post-production'.

One step ahead
Innovation is the key in this rapidly changing business. Greencouch has been developing new ideas for creating great realistic orchestra sound on a low budget and in a short timescale.
We are also leading the way in adaptive, nonlinear and generative music. Some of our recent games benefitting such adaptive music systems are the Xbox Arcade game Shortburst, the game-for-health 'Project Dream', the absurd webgame 'ColorPickle' and the art game Dinner Date.
GreenCouch has many prototypes of Game Sound Engines which make the implementation of non-linear sound as easy as traditional game music.

Sharing to a better world
Since many beginning film- and game-makers do not always have the budget for newly created musical materials, some compositions and sound effects from GreenCouch (that didn't make it to the screens) are shared in a Creative Commons license with the world, for example on FreeSound.org. This sharing has led to many very interesting and very successful independent productions.

Greencouch consists of:

Jelle Visser
Sound Design, Composition, Production

Than van Nispen t.P.
Composition, Non-linear music

Stan Koch
Virtual Orchestration, Orchestration, Composition, Instrumentation, Production

Steffen Keinke
Sound Design, Composition, Production

Media productions that GreenCouch has experience with are for example movies, commercials, animations, art-installations and computer games. Check our portfolio for an impression.